Garments Packing

We design and develop packaging bags, tags and allied materials in almost all shades and color for total customer satisfaction.

Formals Shirt Packing

Our Formals Shirt Packing has gray back and both sides white duplex. This material helps to keep the apparel in perfect finish condition even after a long period of time. The package is soft and pliable, perfect to maintain the contours of the packed content. These are available in various sizes.

Party Wear Packing

Our Party Wears are packed in materials that are soft and noisy. These party wear packing are offered in various sizes and provide a feel good texture to the finished packing. Our packing is very economically priced.

Casual Shirt Packing

We also offer Casual Packing for packing casual and everyday wears. The packing material offers a neat and soft look to package which come in various sizes.

Formals & Linen Trousers Packing

Our Formals & Linen Trousers Packing keeps the apparel in perfect condition even after a long period of time.

Taking into considertion the importance of hygiene and safety factor in the packaging of certain goods, we use non-toxic PVC material and perform intensive research to develop innovative and enduring packaging products. We not only beautify but ensure safety of your products so that they arrive in the customers hand in mint condition.

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